all right what have I missed?

make it kinda quick, I will only have access for a couple of hours. 

Hey guys

I no longer have internet, nor do I even have a computer, so I will be absent but not completely gone.  DYLAN….save all new Bobby pix & videos and keep piling them up in my email, please……and thank you

I NO LONGER HAVE A PSYCHO, I am no one’s wife anymore   WHOOO-HOOO!!!  Nowif I could just put my head back together from the abusive verbal attacks that lasted for so long……

maladjusted (lol) the coloring of these, they are reposts, and I know no one will get their panties in a bunch, soooo

it is not a headbutt, but my favorite scene from Dead Fish…I hope it uploaded properly

The Greater Good, season 2

has Rush headbutting Young, maybe this episode…I know someone out there can get to it faster than myself, as I must download the episode.  I recently had to switch out the computers and I lost sooooo much

Just included it in my reblog :D

thank you thank you thank you….I’ll probably hit you for another couple when I can isolate and offer the exact thing I want….the high resolution version of Trainspotting I just found is going to take, like, 3 years to download….but it’ll be worth it…and someone just said that Dr. Rush headbutts Young, but I don’t know when

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(that’s what I call it) It is an appreciation thread for Dr. Rush/ Robert Carlyle with some very resourceful folks hanging out

Rush headbutts Young

but which episode?  I can definitely ask the folks over at Thunk……if y’all are not already familiar, check the link I provide

Glasgow Kiss

can anyone think of any other headbutt scenes to make into gif?  I know there is a brief couple of seconds in Trainspotting, red sweater, men’s room…I’m going so blank, tho…

somebody PLEASE make a nice little gif out of the headbutt?  I know one of y’all know how to…..:(